Color changing light deco balls hanging from the ceiling and with drape lite decorated columns of the shopping center Westfield London in the city of London, United Kingdom.
#Inspiration    23/11/2018

London’s Westfield Shopping Center gets its “sparkle on” for Christmas

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Every year, Westfield Shopping Center in West London puts on its Christmas sparkle and “wows” visitors with a dazzling display of lights. 2018 is no different – except for the fact that MK Illumination helped Europe’s largest shopping center realize both their indoor and outdoor displays, and will be doing so for many years to come!

The project involved several companies including MK Illumination, because Westfield is more like a city than a shopping center, and we know the value of getting specialists in when we need them.

We’re still confirming numbers with our team but we can tell you now that the outdoor lighting includes an incredible 2km of Drape Lites alone, which in turn needed over 400 specially-made steel clamps to hold them in place.

Indoors, over 2000 decorative, light-filled balls were hung on over 500 strings by hand to create a varied effect. These, along with all the other indoor lights, not only need to be unpacked, installed, programmed (where lighting effects were needed), tested and retested, and this involved more 10-20 people onsite for more or less 5 weeks!

The result was spectacular, and in early November, the lights were switched on, which just happened to take place just after the center’s 10th birthday celebrations.

So Happy Birthday, Westfield, and we love the lights!

Here’s a peak at the installations and their effects.

Love what we’ve done for Westfield?

Let’s get together to talk about how we can help your space sparkle over the 2019 festive season. No, it’s not too early to have a conversation – the more time we have, in fact, the better! Get in touch with us to arrange a time to speak and let us fill you with ideas and inspiration.

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