Light, art, music & cultural festivals - Hückelhoven, Germany


In November 2018, something truly extraordinary appeared in Hückelhoven’s Millicher Halde: a light park. Millicher Halde is a popular green area in the summer months, but it’s less used in the winter months. When MK Illumination proposed the creation of a light park to attract visitors and give local businesses a boost in the weeks before Christmas, Hückelhoven’s city marketing team were keen to explore ideas.

Visitors to Haldenzauber were enchanted by the over-sized light art, installations, and light sculptures that towered above smaller visitors, and thanks to the use of child-friendly standards like IP67, offered a tactile as well as a visual experience.

The event had a record number of visitors in spite of a few days of poor weather, and the feedback from visitors and the city was overwhelmingly positive. Haldenzauber will be back with new displays and lighting experiences in 2019.

Close up view of people in between the light installation Lorry with glowing light balls between with string lite decorated trees at the People inside a giant light sculpture of a star at the Giant light sculpture of a squirrel in the Close up view of light sculpture of a glittering swan in the Light sculpture of a butterfly for the Haldenzauber light park in the city of Hückelhoven, Germany.
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