Giant wreath at the Brookfield Building in Toronto, Canada.

Corporate Business

Corporate businesses know that their image matters. There is no better way to make visitors feel welcome, communicate values, create a memorable atmosphere and boost your brand than by using festive, decorative and corporate lighting.

Our custom lighting solutions are ideal for differentiating your business whilst creating engaging visual experiences that lead to better brand recognition, visitor engagement and thanks to the mood-enhancing properties of light, happier and more productive employees, too.

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Shopping Centers & Malls - Toronto / Canada

Brookfield Place




Corporate Buildings & Façades or Corporate Lobbies...

… we can help you take advantage of this opportunity by using festive lighting and decoration to fill your space with a festive atmosphere and create memorable, shareable experiences that attract visitors, encourage them to stay longer, and invite them take advantage of everything your space has to offer.

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The benefits of festive lighting for corporate businesses

  • Make your corporate business and building stand out with Christmas and other festive lighting that reinforces your unique brand identity
  • Turn your building into a landmark over the holiday season or all year round with high-quality commercial lighting that makes a statement
  • Create an inviting atmosphere and a unique experience for visitors and employees

Contact us to talk about how we can help you transform your corporate business space with festive decorative lighting, experience lighting, and atmosphere lighting.


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