Light sculptures of heralding angels in front of the Rockefeller Center Channel Gardens in New York City, United States of America.
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For many people, Christmas is a special time of the year and an occasion worth celebrating. Festive holiday lighting fills your building with festive spirit, and when that lighting is designed specifically with your business and your space in mind, corporate building lighting also gives your brand and values a boost whilst imparting seasonal cheer and creating unique visual experiences to enhance the moods of visitors and employees alike.

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The Channel Gardens, Rockefeller Center




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What are the benefits of commercial and festive lighting for corporate buildings?

  • Custom-designed festive lighting creates a festive atmosphere and unique experience that reinforces your brand
  • Commercial festive and architectural lighting can highlight interior features and create an inviting ambiance for a season or all year round
  • Festive lighting for corporate buildings can communicate volumes to your clients about your values, your approach, and even your clientele – without you having to say a world!

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