With string lights decorated facade of the hotel a-Rosa in Kitzbühel, Austria.


Use festive decorative lighting over the Christmas season to fill your hotel with holiday spirit and a festive atmosphere. Carefully-placed lighting makes guests feel welcome by creating a festive experience that will boost their mood, make them happy and prompt them to share their positive experience far and wide.

Festive exterior lighting is also critical for hotels: not only does exterior lighting turn your hotel into a brightly-lit landmark that embodies the spirit of the season and that contributes to the festive atmosphere and cultural identity of your city, town or village, but you can use it to define and enhance your hotel’s character.

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Why consider festive decorative lighting for your hotel?

  • Create a warm, hospitable, festive atmosphere that embodies your hotel’s distinct character and sets you apart from your competitors using festive decorative lighting
  • Festive lighting that builds on local traditions and culture and that fills your hotel with a unique festive spirit that will delight visitors and simply make guests happy
  • Festive exterior lighting can turn your hotel into a local landmark, one immediately recognized by visitors and locals alike, and the first hotel that comes to mind to tourists

Contact us to find out more about how MK Illumination can help you use festive decorative lighting to fill your hotel with atmosphere and create unforgettable True Light Experiences.

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