Trees with string lite and ball light motifs in a fountain at Phantasialand Brühl, Germany.

Tourist Attractions

Draw visitors to local tourist attractions by illuminating them with festive decorative lighting that turns the most humble attraction into a visitor destination.

The holiday season and Christmas period offer limitless opportunities to use festive lighting to enhance the unique character of your tourist attraction, creating engaging visual experiences that visitors love to see and share. With the right lighting, you can also turn your tourist attraction into a landmark that appears on the holiday lights tourist trail and that’s popular with visitors and locals alike.

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Tourist Attractions - Germany

Phantasialand Brühl




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What are the benefits of festive decorative lighting for tourist attractions?

  • Create a warm, hospitable, festive atmosphere that embodies your hotel’s distinct character and sets you apart from your competitors using festive decorative lighting
  • Festive lighting that builds on local traditions and culture and that fills your hotel with a unique festive spirit that will delight visitors and simply make guests happy
  • Festive exterior lighting can turn your hotel into a local landmark, one immediately recognized by visitors and locals alike, and the first hotel that comes to mind to tourists

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