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Add sparkle to your city and turn bridges into visitor destinations using architectural and festive lighting, tailor-made to create engaging visual experiences.

Our wide range of high-quality, outdoor LED lighting products are ideal for highlighting and accenting your bridge, and our custom solutions incorporate creative designs, a variety of color choices, and innovative effects that you can control remotely to enchant visitors from near and far.

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Bridges - Vancouver / Canada

Capilano Bridge




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There are benefits to lighting up your bridge

  • Turning a bridge into an illuminated landmark attracts tourism, creates buzz, gives a city or a region an economic boost, and gives local residents something to be proud about.
  • Lighting up your bridge opens up a world of opportunities for you to market your city locally and further afield.

Our True Light Experiences for cities combine creative thinking, high-quality festive lighting and decorative products, and long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights, as well as local expertise and global experience. 

Want to know more? Get in touch to talk about how we can help you transform your bridge with our True Lighting Experiences.

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Case Studies


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