Giant decorated christmas tree between booths at a christmas market in the city of Tallin, Estonia.
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Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are a much anticipated part of the holiday season, and as villages, towns and cities know, they are significant drivers of urban tourism in the winter months. A successful Christmas market means success for the region as a whole, too, because Christmas market visitors shop, eat and sleep, benefiting everyone in the tourism industry.

Make sure that your Christmas market is a crowd magnet with festive lighting and decoration that is tailor-made for your space and that reflects your city’s unique culture, history and brand.

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Christmas Markets - Estonia

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Why festive lighting and decoration for Christmas markets?

  • People want experiences and welcoming atmospheres that they can share, something that Christmas market festive lighting and decoration can help you achieve
  • Festive lighting and decoration turns Christmas markets into magical worlds that attract tourists, who in turn support other local businesses like shops, hotels and restaurants, which in turn gives the local economy a boost
  • Festive lighting and decoration, designed with your Christmas market in mind and that builds on local customs and traditions, makes your Christmas market “stand out from the crowd” and attract repeat visits from locals who use markets as a place to meet with friends and family

Our True Light Experiences for cities combine creative thinking, high-quality festive lighting and decorative products, and long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights, as well as local expertise and global experience. 

Want to know more? Get in touch to talk about how we can help you transform your Christmas markets with our True Lighting Experiences.

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