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People are traveling now more than ever. Spaces dedicated to helping people travel, for tourism or simply to get from one place to another, are no longer clinical spaces dedicated to travel. Instead, train stations, airports, travel plazas and similar places that serve travelers have become hubs that offer extraordinary retail opportunities. The question is: how can travel retailers tap into the buying power of travelers and make both travelers and tenants happy?

The answer is by using festive, experience and atmosphere lighting, tailor-made to enhance individual travel retail spaces, boost traveler’s moods, influence behavior and encourage travelers to enjoy the range of retail opportunities on offer. Festive and decorative lighting experiences can make long waits seem shorter and by illuminating dark spaces, can also make travelers feel safe, both of which contribute to overall traveler satisfaction, too.

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Airports - Vienna / Austria

Vienna International Airport, Austria




Railways & Train Stations or Airports... 

… we can help you take advantage of this opportunity by using festive lighting and decoration to fill your space with a festive atmosphere and create memorable, shareable experiences that attract visitors, encourage them to stay longer, and invite them take advantage of everything your space has to offer.

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The benefits of festive lighting for travel retail businesses

  • Fill travel retail spaces with light, creating an inviting, relaxing ambiance that makes long waits seem shorter and dark spaces seem safer – all of which have been proven to improve travelers’ satisfaction  
  • Create unique visual and lighting experiences that attract non-travelers and engage travelers, encouraging both groups to enjoy the range of retail opportunities on offer
  • Enhance the overall travel experience for travelers, improving mood and becoming a preferred part of their future travel plans 

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