Light composition of airplanes at Pyrzowice Katowice International Airport in the city of Katowice, Poland.
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Airports are in an enviable position. Travelers have to arrive earlier than ever before thanks to security procedures, and they are a captive audience for airport retailers before and between flights. The challenge is getting travelers to take advantage of the array of retail opportunities on offer.

Atmosphere lighting comes in many forms and we tailor our custom lighting solutions to the needs of individual airports. Some need temporary solutions, others permanent solutions. And we can provide both.

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Airports - Poland

Pyrzowice Katowice International Airport




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What are the benefits of atmosphere lighting for airports?

  • Tailor-made custom solutions that meet the specific needs of airports result in unique visitor experiences that enhance mood and influence traveler behavior
  • Lighting creates an atmosphere that’s been proven to improve traveler satisfaction
  • Happier travelers spend more time browsing, which results in a higher spend per passenger. And that’s directly related to atmosphere lighting.
  • Airports are gateways to cities and countries: atmosphere lighting in airports can ensure that a traveler’s first impression is overwhelmingly positive.

Contact us to find out more about how MK Illumination can help you enhance traveler satisfaction and increase spend per passenger using atmosphere lighting.


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