With light greenery garlands decorated arches from the Nils Ericson statue in front of Stockholm Central Station in the city of Stockholm, Sweden.
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Train and railway stations don’t simply attract travelers. Over the years, many stations have reinvented themselves into extraordinary retail centers, offering not only access to trains for travelers but also to luxury retailers, convenience shops, service providers like post offices and a selection of restaurants.

The goal of train stations with retail aspirations is to attract more visitors who stay longer and take advantage of the retail and leisure opportunities on offer. Those visitors don’t simply need to be travelers, because many retail opportunities are available before arriving on the concourse, but if they are travelers, an additional goal is to improve traveler satisfaction.

We can help train and railway stations achieve both goals with a combination of festive decorative lighting and year-round lighting. Lighting enhances moods, and festive, decorative and experience lighting creates unique experiences in train stations that encourage travelers to arrive early and non-travelers to visit again and again, both groups spending more time browsing the retail spaces.

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What are the benefits of festive, decorative and experience lighting in train stations?

  • Attract non-travelers and encourage travelers to arrive earlier than needed by offering engaging visual experiences with light
  • Festive, decorative and experience lighting can enhance visitors’ moods, make them feel safe, boost traveler satisfaction and promote repeat visits
  • The right lighting can guide visitors through your retail spaces, encouraging browsing and allowing visitors to enjoy the full range of retail opportunities

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