Illuminated ferries wheel at Swarovski facility location in the city of Wattens, Austria.

Traveling Amusements

A visit to a fun fair, traveling carnival or circus is a full of fun. Visitors expect enjoyable experiences and exciting days out, and a big part of that involves creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement. The best way to do that is through lighting.

MK Illumination provides both festive decorative lighting to create one-of-a-kind festive experiences for fairs and circuses, as well as fun fair and amusement ride lighting like bulbs and caps, controllers, striplights and spots, wire, and smart LEDs that bring children’s rides, Ferris wheels and other structures to life.

Full-color printing and LED lighting for amusement rides

Brighten up your attraction with full-color printing and LED lighting. We can help you design a solution for a completely new attraction or give an existing attraction a face-lift, offering advice and insights along the way. Either way, the results will be spectacular. Contact us for details.

Fun Fairs & Fairgrounds

Add excitement to any fairground or fun fair with vibrant, colorful fairground and festive lighting.

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Ferris Wheels

Engage visitors with a brightly-lit giant Ferris Wheel over the festive season or for other festive events.

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